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When you’re a Motiv8 Advisor, you don’t just get handed a workbook and left to figure it out for yourself. The Motiv8 method means personal, one-on-one mentoring, starting with a thorough analysis of where you are and where you want to go. We want you to feel like family. Your goals as an advisor are unique to you, and we respect that. It’s not our vision we are focused on achieving. It’s yours. Our expertise lies in helping you identify the very best ways to reach your goals, create a specific roadmap paved with practical benchmarks, and develop the accountability to manifest your own dreams.

Our Systems and Processes Produce Predictable Performance

If you’re a financial advisor who’s tired of endless feast or famine, you will be amazed at how stress-free life can be when you apply Motiv8’s holistic philosophy to your agency’s practice. Once you learn the 8 Elements of Financial Control, how they interact with each other, you’ll be equipped to approach your clients in a whole different light. You’ll be poised to make a consistent difference in their lives as you build trust for the long term – and create multiple new revenue streams for yourself.

Marketing Support

With our custom Motiv8 marketing campaigns and collateral at your fingertips, you'll finally have the support you need to convey the quality you're capable of.

Insurance Optimization

Work with us to learn how your clients can take maximum advantage of tax advantaged insurance strategies in order to save more and give up less.

Tax Strategy

Supplement your experience and expertise with Motiv8's proven strategies to keep your clients a step ahead of rapidly changing tax legislation.

Financial Empowerment

When you can provide valuable advice from a holistic perspective, you can help your clients attain a position of lasting financial empowerment for an abundant life, now and in the future.

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