Practice Management


Let our exclusive Autom8 system enrich your pipeline and extend your reach with the power of 21st century automation, so you can get back to doing what you do best: providing the very best service for your clients.

When you’re in business for yourself, too often you find yourself trying to do every job to keep your business going, even those jobs you don’t love or have time to do well. Just because you’re a sales rock star doesn’t mean you’re a born administrator, and there’s no reason you should be! There’s only so many hours in the day to prospect, follow up, and nurture long term relationships. Autom8 frees you up to enjoy the person-to-person aspect of your business that you and only you can provide, so you can thrive and grow, just the way you were meant to.

Practice Management

Meeting new contacts, inviting them on a step by step sales journey, offering the time and attention that builds great relationships – set up these vital activities in minutes with Autom8.

Say goodbye to those confusing systems where tracking your leads is even harder than it used to be when you stuffed business cards in your pocket. Autom8 is the help you really need.
Autom8 gives you a clear, simple timeline so you’ll never miss a step in the sales journey. Your client knows you are totally concentrating on them and their needs and welfare.
Your networking effectiveness is increased many times over with the power of Autom8 behind you. Now you can keep filling your pipeline and never even have to think about it.
Autom8 is much more than just a system. It’s your trustworthy assistant to give you the efficient help you need with those jobs that are repetitive and really don’t make the best use of your time.
Generate custom greetings, send timely reminders, keep in touch in that “old-fashioned” way that really makes your customers and prospects feel cared for. It’s easy with Autom8!

With Autom8, you can be in touch, informing and consulting, with more strategies than ever, for more meaningful relationships that are mutually beneficial for the long term.

With more to offer, you’ll see more clients more often And Autom8 allows you to see at a glance which clients have a need to bolster their portfolio.

Make the most of your talents and see how far you climb With the power of Autom8 on your side, you’ll be able to engage fully with every opportunity.
The world is changing faster than ever. It’s high time you had a real high-tech arsenal of tools at your disposal, so you can easily stay ahead of the curve and give your clients the the most credible and capable guidance they could find anywhere.

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The power of a full-time assistant…without the overhead

Autom8 is the solution that levels the playing field for independent financial advisors, financial planners, and retirement planners…like you! Call us today at Motiv8 Advisors to learn how we can help your practice with our suite of practice management programs including Autom8.

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