Why Motiv8?
Because We Have Lived It


As an advisor in the financial services industry, you work day in and day out striving to achieve the results you desire and deserve. Too often, however, your efforts can lead to futile outcomes.


At Motiv8 Advisors we know your challenges all too well because we have walked down this road ourselves. Through countless conversations with advisors over the years, we have heard all about the frustration, stress, disappointment, burnout, and a multitude of other feelings that have become common identifying threads that weave so many of us together.
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90% Of Advisors
Grew Their
Financial Books!

When you have more training, more support, and more products and solutions to offer, you too will grow your book of business.

Why choose us

We Help You Be The Best You Can Ever Be

More Products and Services

Motiv8 gives you more valuable products to offer and more ways to ensure your clients' prosperity.

More Training and Support

Expand your expertise and attract even more of the clients you want as we personally help you gear your performance to your potential.

Why choose us

We Help You Be The Best You Can Ever Be

Private & Confidential

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Private & Confidential

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Why choose us

Do You have Questions?

Our Motiv8 philosophy, the 8 Elements of Financial Control, enables you to offer more value to your client and more revenue streams for you.

Yes! With branded tools like our seminars, TV, podcast, digital lead generation and more, we’ll create a personal marketing plan customized for you.

You will. Our Motiv8 Advisors call on us for the support they need, and retain their autonomy and independence at the same time.

We’ll work with you wherever you are. In fact we’ll help you make sure you’re in compliance with state as well as federal regulations.

Our Founder's Story

Hi, I’m Mike Terrio, and I want to welcome you to Motiv8 Advisors. I founded our company because I want independent financial services professionals everywhere to be able to share in the success I’ve been fortunate to achieve for my clients and also for my team. My mission as a financial advisor has always been to change my clients’ lives for the better, and I’ve developed systems and processes that vastly expand the services we offer as well as opening up multiple new revenue streams for our advisors. If you’re reading this right now, I believe it’s not by mistake. We are actively seeking to find the right talents to help grow our vision for a more holistic and rewarding model of service for our industry. Are you right for Motiv8? Let’s talk.

Meet Our Team

Michael Terrio


Cassie Ottofaro


Linda Tran

Advisors Coordinator

The Challenge

For too long, financial advisors have been relegated to a position as sales people, always chasing sales. This is not conducive to credibility, which is the number one quality our clients need. If we’re always selling, how can anyone be sure we’re saying what’s really best for them?

The Solution

At Motiv8 Advisors, you become a trusted consultant rather than someone who’s always chasing sales. How? Our systems and processes give you a legitimate voice in a robust array of financial strategies for your clients, from insurance to investments to retirement planning. The Motiv8 philosophy is easily understood and always appreciated.

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