Financial planning cannot be effective without considering all aspects
of your finances as one cohesive, ever evolving, machine.
In utilizing this unique process, we strive to ensure that all the elements
are working together to optimize your financial future.

What you have, how it works,
and how does it affect you?

Income Optimizer

Income is the foundation of a financial plan. Income optimization makes sure you’re taking income the most tax efficient way. It also ensures that you have enough guaranteed income source for certainty in your financial life. Predictable income allows you to be spontaneous with your lifestyle for the things you enjoy doing, and living the retirement you dreamed of.

Emergency Builder

Liquidity is important for those unexpected yet expected events. Not having enough emergency funds can cause inefficiencies in your investments and income if those emergencies are having to be taken care of out of them.

Revenue Replacer

Revenue Replacer looks at what happens when sources of income are lost. This may be the loss of pension, social security, and other sources of income when a loved one passes away. It’s important to have a strategy in place to replace that income, so that the lifestyle going forward isn’t compromised.

Asset Builder

Once you have your income optimized and you know that you have your income and where their sources are coming from, you have your emergency builder set up so you have liquidity. You have your revenue replacer taken care of so you’re taking care of your loved ones. Now’s the time to start to finally start building your assets, not just for short-term and long-term. Using the asset builder process, we are able to structure assets strategically utilizing intelligent portfolio design hoping to enhance the most amount, or get the most amount of your money that’s possible.

Protect and Plan

Legacy Enhancer

Legacy Enhancer focuses on growing your assets for your future, and those that you want to leave your money to. The right balance of risk and reward can be found by developing an investment policy statement for your financial plan to ensure you’re not taking on too much risk, and that your goals can have a higher likelihood of success.

Legacy Defender

Legacy Defense is important for protecting your money from other people. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. We live in a litigious society. This analyzes where your investments & assets might be vulnerable to lawsuits and creditors & then makes recommendations on how better to protect yourself.

Dynasty Creator

Dynasty Creator assesses where your estate is now, and how better to optimize what you leave behind. It’s not only important what you leave behind, but how you leave it. There are 3 places your assets can go when you pass: Your Loved Ones, Charities, & the IRS. No one wants to leave it to the IRS. A properly structured financial plan will include legacy strategies to leave assets the most tax efficient way.

Tax Planner

With tax planning everyone understands that whether you pay $5 or $50,000 to the IRS, everyone loathes paying money to the tax world. Realizing that taxes are a fee that can have a negative income, not just short term, but also long term with your investment plan is very serious business. During the tax planner module we look to see how taxes impact everything. All the way from your income, to your assets, to your estate, and your legacy. We stress the tax importance so people understand the net rate of return for their investments rather than the gross.

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